Laptop Picks

Laptop Picks

Find the Right Laptop for You

Find the Right Laptop for You

Laptops provide a lot of convenience when it comes to serious work or indoor gaming. Aside from being user-friendly, this device is also portable. You can easily carry it with you in school or at your workplace. You can use it wherever and whenever you choose to.

Although tablets and smart phones are popular among the younger generation, laptops are more convenient and practical to use for college students. It makes typing a research paper, making a presentation or editing videos a lot easier and faster.

Because of the demand for laptop computers, manufacturers have created a wide range of models with different specifications. They are available in the market in a variety of sizes, features and prices; and because of this, choosing the right laptop can be challenging.

Figuring out your needs can really contribute in the decision-making process. Following is a list of major features that you need to consider when choosing which laptop is better for you:

Laptop OS

There are three OS for laptops: Windows, Chrome OS and Mac OS X. People are generally categorized according to which OS is more suitable for them. Those who are tech-savvy tend to use Windows while minimalists prefer to use Mac.

The pitfall of Mac OS X is that it is only for MacBooks and usually comes with an expensive price. Windows is known for its flexibility and affordability. While people have different preferences, at the end of the day, it’s going to all about their intended use for their computer.

Laptop size

Laptop size affects the portability of your device and is a significant feature that needs to be considered. A lot of people prefer the 15-inches laptops. They weigh 4.5 to 6.5 pounds on average and s considered as the average laptop in terms of size and weight.

Though it may seem heavy to carry around, it offers a larger screen that comes with greater resolution. This might be a good choice if you don’t often bring laptop anywhere from home.

Consider the major laptop component

A laptop has a lot of components with comparable specs that you need to check one by one. While you can compromise on some aspects, there are components that you need to consider carefully. These are the major laptop components that you should be paying attention to:

  • Keyboard and touchpad – The key to getting a lot of work done on your laptop is having a keyboard that offers a solid tactile feedback and has enough space between keys. You need to look for a laptop that has an accurate touchpad which responds to multi-touch and pinch-to-zoom gestures.
  • CPU – the processor has to do with the performance of the laptop since it is the brain of the device. Unless your intended use requires it, there really is no need to get a laptop with the latest processor.
  • Hard drive – the storage of your files can affect the speed of your device. That is why getting a laptop with bigger storage is recommended. However, if you can’t afford it, you can always get a laptop with a solid state drive because it boosts the speed of the device up to three times.
  • Display – the sharper the image is on your screen, the better. Most used laptops have 1366 x 768 displays, but if you are not too tight on the budget, you can pay extra for a panel that runs at 1920 x 1080, also known as full HD or 1080p. Although, some higher-end laptops with higher pixels will look sharp but use more power, which will lower the life of your battery.
  • Graphics chip – this is mostly a big deal for gamers and video editors as they need an integrated graphics chip that is intended for displaying 3D objects or doing high-res video editing.

Check the battery life

The ideal battery life is at least 8 hours on a full charge. If you’re planning to use your device for longer periods of time, then you might want to check the battery life expectancy.

Plan your budget

If budget isn’t an issue then you can definitely get the latest generation laptop models with the most advanced features. But if you need a budget laptop, you should they come in different price ranges. There are available laptops below $200 but you can’t guarantee its quality. For your reference, here’s a list of budget laptops that you definitely need to check out.

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