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MSI GT72S Dominator G-037 Gaming Laptop Review

MSI GT72S Dominator G-037 Gaming Laptop Review

In this computer era where people are mostly dependent on computers and their gadgets for getting things done, laptops are considered a necessity, especially for students. Most of the information they need can be accessed online; it’s a lot less hassle and not as time-consuming as the traditional library research.

Also, doing projects and creating presentations have been made easier with computers. So, you see, computers really are a convenient tool that help students in a lot of ways.

The convenience that a laptop can give cannot be overstated. However, it is also an expensive gadget that not everyone has the luxury of having. Tablets or other mobile devices are also used alternatively, since most tablets these days have corresponding apps that can do computer functions as well.

While it’s a smart and practical option, there are things that are easier done with computers. In order to help students out, manufacturers designed budget laptops which are inexpensive and efficient enough to run the basic and common applications and software that students need in their computer.

The MSI GT72S Dominator G-037 is an excellent example of a budget laptop. In fact, it exceeds the expectation for a regular laptop because it is good enough to run even sophisticated apps.


MSI is one of the most reliable brands of computers and other electronic devices. The GT72S Dominator G-037 is a very special product because, aside from the fact that it’s a very efficient budget laptop, it’s also designed to run complex software and applications. It is in fact a good gaming laptop, according to some of the feedbacks on different product review sites.

  • Features the latest CPU architecture with the Intel 6th generation core i7 k processor for a smooth performance
  • Fast DDR4 memory
  • Next-generation graphics performance with its NVIDIA GeForce GTX 970M for serious gaming
  • NVIDIA G-SYNC display technology for sharper and more responsive game play
  • Swift and accurate keyboard designed for gaming
  • Cooler Boost 3 efficient cooling system
  • Nahimic virtual surround sound for a lifelike entertainment experience


The MSI GT72S Dominator G-037 is designed not only for basic computing tasks, it is also efficient enough to support some serious gaming. It uses a very powerful processor with an Intel 6th generation core i7 k processor that guarantees a smooth and extreme performance.

Plus, you can expect a faster performance compared to previous generation laptops with its DDR4 memory that is 32% faster than models with DDR3 memory support.

This laptop is an excellent entertainment center where you can watch movies and stream videos with the best quality, thanks to its NVIDIA GeForce GTX 970M graphics card and G-SYNC display technology—something that gamers will definitely appreciate.

Plus, you can feel the gaming rush with its high-fidelity speakers that has an integrated subwoofer intended to produce a realistic sound experience. Even its keyboard is designed for swift and accurate performance in order to keep up with the games’ complex commands.

You don’t have to worry about this laptop overheating because it has an integrated cooling system, the Cooler Boost 3, featuring a dual fan system to efficiently reduce the heat as you continually use it for hours of epic gaming.


The GT72S Dominator G-037 is an excellent gaming laptop but it has a minor battery issue.


The GT72S Dominator G-037 is an excellent budget laptop and so is the HP High-performance Premium Laptop. Both of these units perform efficiently, but if it’s a gaming laptop you are looking for, then you will do better with the GT72S Dominator G-037.


If you are looking for a good gaming laptop that you can get for a very reasonable price, the GT72S Dominator G-037 is worth checking out. It has a very impressive CPU architecture and it runs on the latest generation features, especially for its processor and DDR$ memory. It offers a fast and smooth performance, showing significant improvement from its predecessors.

Most of its features are intended for hardcore gaming—the display, the audio, and its response. The efficient cooling system is perfect especially for those who intend to use it for hours of gaming. MSI has really outdone itself with this excellent laptop model. And it can be yours for a very reasonable price.

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