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Laptop Picks

The Best Laptop Brands: Are They Right for You?

The Best Laptop Brands Are They Right for You

You want to purchase a new laptop, but you are not really sure which brand you should invest in. The truth is many people often wonder the same thing. There are lots of computer manufacturers now with their own lines of laptops, and to this day, continue to upgrade and add features to their products.

The many options displayed is an advantage; however, it can be a bad thing because it can leave some individuals confused as to which laptop to buy. So what is the best brand of laptop? You have to consider several things before coming to a decision.

First and foremost, if you have previously owned a laptop, you can evaluate the brand that you used. Did you face any problems or troubles with the product from the brand? What are the features that you loved the most? These are the initial questions you have to ask yourself.

Secondly, you can ask for the opinions of friends and family who own laptops and ask for brand suggestions. Ask them about their experiences using the device. Third, you have to do some research yourself.

Thankfully the internet is filled with valuable information about the device, and understanding how it works will allow you to choose a brand that will satisfy your needs the most. At the moment, here are some of the best laptop brands:


This is a trusted brand that spans decades in the business. In the beginning, the company specialized mostly in audio and television devices; then, they created their own line of laptops and MP3 players later on. The Sony VAIO remains to be one of the most-purchased laptops to this day.


Dell is a well-known company that has decades in electronic/computer experience as well. They are popular for providing excellent promotional deals on laptop models. Their laptops are often a top pick for university students.


Apple is known for their smartphones at the moment. However before the iPhone came, the brand was praised for their desktop computers, laptops, and MP3 players.


The company was founded in the early 1980s and is one of the most dependable laptop companies because of their products’ solid features. The company also makes use of the latest technology in laptops that are available today.


The brand has been doing the computer business rounds since the 1960s, which is a testament to their experience and knowledge. HP is considered one of the best manufacturers due to the reliability and durability of their laptops. They are also popular for their printers.

The factors

So what is the best brand of laptop? It will mostly depend on an individual’s personal taste. This is the biggest consideration you have to take on thus far, since you have to suit a laptop’s specs to your needs.

There are laptops with sleek designs, different colors, variety in weight, and these factors will be based on what you need. You also have to tackle what you need in terms of specifications. Thus, the best laptop for you is something that will satisfy all of your requirements.

As mentioned previously, the internet is filled with plenty of information about laptops. Add reviews to that and your search for a good laptop will be made easier. It is crucial to read reviews so you will further comprehend the advantages, disadvantages and features of a particular model before buying it.

One particular detail you have to mull over is the rating that customers give the product. There are bad ratings and good ratings; you have to consider the product feedback of other consumers too.

Also, you have to ask yourself how frequently you are going to use the device. You do not really need a model that is packed with features if you are not going to use them.

There are also some important features that should never be overlooked like the size of the RAM, hard drive and whether you need an Intel Core Duo or a 2 Duo processor. Add in a battery that lasts for a long time and you are good to go.

Hopefully this brief piece has given you the basics about purchasing a good model for you. The best brand of laptop will always depend on user’s specifications. It is important that you first do your research before purchasing one since laptops are, first and foremost, an investment.

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